Erotic Novel “It Had Been Years” Now available

Erotic Novel IT Had Been Years Cover Photo and link to purchase kindle edition

After years of waiting Malflic has decided to FINALLY release his first full length erotic novel “It Had Been Years” in both hard copy and kindle editions including making if free for Amazon Prime Customer to borrow for the first 90 days.  In addition to his dark humor, brand whore references, and the questionable morals of the sexy characters it is loaded with kinky sex, orgies, and complicated relationships.

Story Teaser…

Hidden away in the shadows and sexual underside of Washington DC and Manhattan two outwardly successful women who are use to and like being someone’s dirty little secret find the one thing neither of them was looking for, Love. Mixed between their polite social engagements and erotic appetites that not even wealth and worldly possessions can hide their hedonistic and deviant lifestyle; which is only kind that Nadrea has ever lived. Men and women swoon, her beauty, her demeanor and the sexuality she exudes, it is not how she is defined but more importantly how she defines herself. Yet there is one man who she can’t place under her spell. Love has never been simple especially when love has been nothing more than a word or an unattainable ideal.

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Is pulling a gun considered fore play in Texas?

On a side note I’ve not posted anything new here in quite a while.   The reason being both a combination of a particularly busy professional life and my assisting in the creation of videos and content for my good friends over at Desired Lingerie.   There is nothing quite like looking at sexy clothes and beautiful women and being able to call it work.   Be sure to check the site out for a series of sexy lingerie videos (that I edited and produced), their lingerie model search page (if chosen you’ll get to work we me first hand) and of course 1000’s of sexy little number including a great collection of leather and vinyl fetish wear.

Now before anyone gets the wrong idea I love Texas! San Antonio is so cool, I’ve got some really great friends in Austin and Dallas was almost home three years ago and still might be one day. Admittedly I’ve got very mixed emotions on Houston but that’s a story for another time.

In the course of the average year I pass through Texas around 30 times plus probably another 6-8 where I leave the airport and bring my own special brand of vengeance on the world. Last week was one of those as I rested my head in a place I have gold status with not far from DFW and enjoyed the 85 degree sunny days.

It went like this – I land early.

I head to lunch at a fish place since it was Ash Wednesday and my companions and customer were all good Catholics.

On to the Hotel – I checked in by 2:00 and called my legal friends…all went well and the world might not end but just in case I penned a dark little number about what I had allowed myself to become.

My NY phone rings (I carry more phones than a bookie…don’t ask) Dinner plans have been changed to a different place. One that is not Fish based…I hold out hope

I arrive a dinner, there are thee people in the bar. A short brunette on a Lap top, a guy in a suit and a really tall Blond behind the bar. The guy at the bar waves me in and as fate would have it he’s one of the guys I meeting for dinner. He knows the brunette and the the tall blonde who was every bit of 6’2” before the heels she has very exposed DD’s (or better) and such a sweet Texas drawl. I ordered a diet…they all looked at me like WTF. So I explained that I hadn’t slept in almost three days and if I had a beer it would go one of two ways me falling asleep or me getting really fucking ugly.

After that I was very well decaffeinated. Seemingly no one wanted to see me really fucking ugly. We sit down, menus aren’t even brought to the table food begins to arrive. The Potato is as big as my head, we go back to the bar.

Years ago during a some what stressful acquisition I found myself in roughly the same area. That night a Cabbie pulled a gun on another cabbie outside an over priced hugely popular steak place, two days later my Driver pulled his gun on a homeless guy near downtown ( I was glad there was a gun handy in that case) and the night before after several hours of drinking and meeting a girl who was a model and as dumb as a bag of hammers who had been pawned off on me the revelers decided to shoot at the home owners private shooting range.

I never equated it with Texas until after dinner that night when a small and stout woman jumped on the bar, walked 20 feet across it (not spilling anyone’s drink mind you) and started screaming at a woman who she had not even made eye contact with let alone an altercation of any sort.

She went and sat back down just as randomly. I sipped my diet, hardly anyone paid attention to the recent borderline psychotic episode. So I ask the well endowed Blond bartender what the issue was. She just shrugged, batted her eyes, adjusted her daringly plunging blouse and said “Don’t worry about her she does this all the time. I’m just glad she didn’t have her gun tonight.”

Note to self …don’t eat there again!

Discussing a lifestyle event with strangers

This the first of the 24 kink week posts that will run from May 23rd until May 30th. The audio that goes with this story can be found at http://malflic.libsyn.comDiscussing a lifestyle event with a strangers

Look by day I may have an edge but I don’t exactly take the tools of my wicked little trade in my carry on luggage as I head out to the airport every week. Which reminds me of a story about a weekend trip to Mexico and a suitcase filled with toys…I’ll save that one for another time but the moral of the story was the woman in Mexican custom’s was very embarrassed and it was my suit case.

Even if I did walk around with an assortment of sadistic little things there’s a chance I could be a sales manager and the numbers are down but no where near as low as you’re going to be when I’m finished. Sorry got distracted back on topic.

Recently on a flight I fell into a conversation with a nice average looking couple who asked where I was headed and why. My mother told me never talk to strangers but sitting there I ignored that advice and told them Business and blah, blah, blah so I asked them the same question. “We’re coming from a lifestyle event” she eagerly offered.

Well if you’re like me the minute you hear lifestyle event only one or two things come to mind. So immediately I’m interested, I start to file through my brain for events that I know of that are big enough to travel to that might be going on.

Shibaricon – no can’t be it not until May (ironically it starts the same day as my kink week posts start which is pure coincidence)

Beat me in St. Louis…nope not currently going on.

Perhaps an Austin Rope event…Nothing comes to mind. Maybe they’re swingers might be something who knows how many events they have.

Nice people but I start to notice in those few seconds that passed that they aren’t giving off the sexy we like to fuck swingers vibe at all. No I’m not stereo typing but the lady wasn’t eyeing the pretty brunette walking down the aisle and yes I know for a fact that all swingers aren’t Bi. But let’s face it any swinger straight or Bi that I know would have been eyeing her. Hell most of the people on the plane noticed her she was that pretty.

“Oh a lifestyle event” my voice somewhat dismayed as to where to go from here…after all we’re three sentences in to a conversation before a 4 hour flight I don’t want to freak the nice people out by coming right out and asking too many questions like “Oh what’s your Kink?”, “Straight, Bi?” “Top, Bottom, or Switch?” “Rope, Pain, or both?” “Full swap, Soft swap?” you get the picture.

The wife spoke (She was wearing a ring but it is at this point just an assumption) “It was the most amazing weekend, we had so much fun”

A generic enough answer so I inquire “what made it so much fun?”

“We’ve never been to anything like this before.” She pauses, blushes a little and fumbles for words. I think it’s about to get good. Now I know how I’d answer the question in the situation, generically.

“It was a couple’s only event.” She finally admits. Now unless I’m wrong couples Vanilla and Kinky do on occasion go away for the week end. A few nights in a hotel, new places, old and new friends, too much wine, a few clubs, perhaps a couple of games of chance, or other games. I’ve also been told there are museums, fairs, antique road shows or what ever it is that all the couples do who aren’t out getting liquored up and partying when they go away.

Needless to say there was nothing wrong with a couple’s weekend event. So I Pushed a little…”You said it was a lifestyle event.” I should have stopped “what kind of life style?”

What are the odds that I’ve met a kinky couple on the plane…low right? But I had to know. “Well” she said her husband by now staring mindlessly out the window, which is never a good sign.

“It was to reenergize our relationship and bring back the romance by including the lord in our marriage.” From there she just went on and on. I’m all for threesomes, foursomes, and all out orgies but that was one Ménage trios I wasn’t expecting. I was dying to ask if she now considered her relation ship to be Poly…but figured I’d have to explain it. And then spend the next three hours and forty five minutes with her saving my soul.

Isn’t there a law about people using the term lifestyle event? No? Well there damn well should be. So I sat and listened to her and how much fun it was, the spouse lacked the same enthusiasm…bet it also was a three way he never dreamed of. Odd are he’d have rather spiced things up with the little brunette I mentioned earlier who was still walking up and down the aisle.

Is there a secret hand shake or special way of lacing up ones shoes so I know other like minded people when I see them…you know like guys with rainbow stickers on the back of their cars. I know what that means what do they kinky people have other than lords of acid t shirts, the occasional otk bumper sticker that makes it look like you dig the beach? It might have been better if I listened to my mother and didn’t talk to strangers

The Final Tease

The Final Tease

Well it’s Monday May 19th. So Fucking what you ask?

Well I’ve been tempting, promising and teasing many of my sexually aware and Kinky friends with the upcoming second installment of Kink Week. Well here’s a little audio to get you ready for this Friday when the real event begins. Nearly six months of writing, pondering and perfecting really hot stories. This time we will not only be going on a little Bondage, spanko, and BDSM adventure but will walk into the arena of multiple partners, chest play, and Sex in public places with a good dose of humor thrown in every morning.

Since Audio is my new obsession I’ve added a few guest voices.

Some of them you probably know like my very own Chesty Blonde. Not surprising right?

OK Good Point What about having the talented and so very sexy Naked Nurse join in the fun to read you a bedtime story. If you don’t know her you should!

Then add a not so submissive type and good friend of ours Victoria Christiansen. Domme, Bottom, or Switch. I’ve known her for years now and still can’t define but she is a damn fun and sultry girl.

Finally to bring a little authentic English Flavor to the entire event we’ve convinced our good friend “the Key Limey” to play along as well for your listening pleasure.

What do you need to do?

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Corporate Outings, Sex Rooms, & finding out how Vanilla your boss is

The names have been changed to protect the innocent (and me)

So I work and make my living as a fairly visible part of a large corporate machine with traditionally conservative leadership. Hard to believe but writing smut is just a hobby and doesn’t pay the bills. It’s something only a few close friends at work know about. Then again you won’t catch me parading around in fetish attire and I don’t publicize my other adult oriented activities. I had a boss who was quite the swinger once at another company but that is a different story.

A few weeks back we had an annual all hands on deck type meeting over the weekend. Of course we moved what city it would be in about 6 weeks before the actual event for around 500 people which might as well have been the last minute. The new location was fine, back on some of my old home turf which is always nice. The accommodations were less than luxurious and the hotel was over booked with Doctors at some convention when we started to arrive. I walk into lunch on that first day and a friend whispers in ear.

“This place has sex rooms.” I of course ignore him.

He continues on “ no really they have 16 different themed sex rooms” ok now I’m curious I was thinking it was just rooms with a big hot tub but theme rooms well that was a different story.

I assured him it was a pretty wild city so no big surprise. As they say write what you know and out of a dozen or so people from that city I had kept the company of in the past most of them were very, very, very, kinky.

He went on “Paul has one called the Cave, it has fur and hieroglyphics on the walls, and a giant round orgy bed!” My friend’s voice turned from a whisper to nearly inaudible when he said orgy. The only thing missing was a hushed gasp coming from his mouth. I laughed like a lunatic since Paul was the head of HR. There was a certain irony that he had a “sex room”.

The group of well heeled and devoted professionals had been turned into a bunch of high school kids sneaking a peek at an older brother’s nudie mag. So and so had a room with mirrors on all the walls and ceilings, blah, blah, blah had a room with a Gilligan’s island theme.

The list went on there were about seven of us who had theme rooms.

The room holders gave tours after a few pints at the hotel pub each evening, groups flocked to the “guides” as if they were going to get a look at the secret of the entire universe. Are people really that sexually repressed? It scares the hell out of me that most people have as unimaginative sex life as they do a day job.

One room in particular was the called leather and lace. It was the one people talked about most since it had as people described it “Prison bars with those hand cuff things and chains all over it.” People are really interesting to watch as they talk about what they think is wild and taboo. Isn’t bondage, even causal bondage a fairly main stream fantasy? This coming from a guy who can tie more knots than an eagle scout and owns enough rope to dock the pacific fleet.

(When we visited it was a little less Vanilla the bars were loaded with chains and cuffs)

One Tall leggy blonde VP on a tour cuffed a finance executive to the bars and took a few pictures and then left him there helpless for a few minutes. I have a new found respect for her and the only thing that would have been better was if she would have added “how does that feel? you like don’t you? You little whiny bitch!” Nothing like a guy in a Brooks Brothers suit chained to a wall, even if it was only for a few minutes. Then again that might not be so unusual either.

The next morning I’m having breakfast with Marci who is a peer. She’s s a tiny little thing, a Southern Belle and has a daytime wardrobe that is so stylish and it could go right to a club after long day. I know her a little, she likes to go out, have a good time dance and party. Our boss comes up. He’s a great guy and was a friend long before I ended up working for him. We’re talking about the room tours of the previous night and telling how popular the leather and lace room was.

“ I don’t get it” he states Marci tries again to explain in a non offensive way what the leather and lace room was. He stares blankly, this is a man who gets everything I’ve ever told him on the first pass and at that moment he really has no fucking clue what we’re talking about. She looks at me and shrugs and at the same time we both blurt out “it’s a bondage room” she adds “you know S&M”.

The boss’ face turns red, I mean really bright fire engine red. “Oh” he stares at his eggs uncomfortably for the next five minutes as we continue to talk. Marci shoots me a glance and as he walks away adds “he’s so vanilla”. I think it was a test since she looked even more shocked when I got what she meant. Later she confided that I’m one of the last guys in the world she would have thought had a dark side. She had pegged me as even more uptight than the rest of the crowd. “Good my disguise is working” I said with a devilish little smirk.

The rest of the event was spent with her telling me racy jokes and making suggestively laden dirty comments. It is quite possible that her mind is far dirtier than mine.

Getting to Know Your Temptress

Getting to Know Your Temptress by Malflic featuring the Chesty Blonde

With all the insanity and recording for kink week and finalizing the lay out for the updated It’s been a while since I’ve posted and this little conversation is about two weeks over due. It is simply Malflic and the very sexy Chesty Blonde having a playful and harmless chat in a get to know session.

Ironically it is the first time that the two have recorded in the same room at the same time, well other than that video camera incident years ago. (just kidding don’t go looking for it on U tube)

As always the entire collection podcasts can be found at and is also listed in iTunes under podcasts and of course it’s free! (Not only am I easy but I’m also cheap)


“Good morning my name is Jill…and I want you to.”

An off topic post about my day to day life but nothing sexual…it’s as close to PG as I’ll ever get.

So it’s dark out. How dark you ask? So dark that god damn moon hasn’t even begun to give way to the light of day, still dark enough to be called night even though soon it will be very early morning.

How early in the morning is it? Early enough that I moved past various security guards and national safety personnel who did their jobs without even a single word, syllable or grunt. It was early enough that I couldn’t feed my addictions, not even a little bit and the demons of countless sleepless nights were haunting me with all their might and I was on the edge of giving up the ghost and moving from a well dressed zombie to a member of the disheveled uncaring and hopeless living dead.

Walking down the freezing cold and dimly lit corridor, the question of how one ever gets to this point in anything, let alone day to day life occurs again. It nags like a fatal disease that hasn’t quite announced its horrific arrival yet. Lurking there waiting and ultimately squeezing out the last bit of hope from your very life.

Rounding the corner, breaking the threshold and heading into the brightly lit oblong chamber I make my way to the designating resting space, cursing profanely and audibly the brightness, every step, and my own very existence as I take my seat.

Then it begins, at a deafening volume breaking the tomb like silence that is the only blissful thing at that moment. GOOD MORNING MY NAME IS JILL” Jill continues to blither on other pleasantries. After a few second reprieve the voice is again breaking the silence I am cherishing with all my being despite the blinding light which I’ve muted out with dark shades and closed eyes. A seemingly frivolous effort considering that it is still only slightly less dark out.

Again good morning this is Jill and in a few moments…”

Jill is a bold face liar, how do I know this because there was no pardon from the blaring voice projecting her love of life and duties she continues on

“in the event of an emergency…” I pray that your voice is not the last one I hear. She continues on.

“in the event of a water landing” I’m dead no one survives those now please shut the fuck up.

She didn’t not announce We will be dimming the cabin lights” and so god is mocking me yet again. No instead of that announcement she introduces the rest of her accomplices yet again and a few minutes after leaving mother earth the soliloquy begins.

“due to the short duration of this flight” Jill has decided she in going to read me a list of each and every available beverage known to man and then highlight the ones she actually has by reading those selections again.

“the following are your snack options….and you have nothing available for purchase that resembles food quit lying to me again you dishonest person.

Normally I don’t hate the beginning of any day just because it is beginning today however I despise the fact that the day exists to begin with.

Ding “we have passed ten thousand feet and” I pray to God, the Devil, Buddha, Allah, three ex-girlfriends, my second grade teacher, and the witches of Eastwick begging each and every one them with impassioned and devoted pleas to just make her stop.

But no life hates me and sleep is not something I will get to partake in then

Squeak , Squeak, Bang…Jill physically assaults me with her shiny metal wheeled box like implement of torture…it was not physical contact that was welcome. I am contemplating both legal action and professional psychiatric help because of the distress it has caused me. Odds are though since I’m still relatively young my hand and arm should heal nicely with enough rest, unlike the old man’s toes who I believe her pleasant cheeriness and efficient motions may have physically severed from his body.

During the time that the aforementioned Jill was spilling her joy and cheer on other unsuspecting souls Captain Ahab indulged his long ago hidden dream of wanting to be both a weatherman while finally helping to feed my addition and a comedian. I despise him even more than Jill since his position of authority and very literal control over whether I live or die necessitated that I listen to him on some level…just incase.

“We will be arriving” escape, the sweet smell of freedom sits a mere 100 miles in the distance. Ahh fooled again by her deceit and lies…we are not near our destination

“If you’ve not arrived here before it is a 25-32 minute walk”

Who cares I have no intention of walking that far

“Should you chose not to walk on such a beautiful morning”

How long was that walk again. Hmm wonder if she factored in thing like dragging a recently dismembered body along with you?”

“We will be” hiding your body in a forward storage compartment. Seriously can anyone really love anything as much as she does.

“Hi this is Jill again.” No shit Sherlock

“It’s has been my pleasure spending my morning with you and I look forward to seeing all of you again” Jill I know your face and should I ever see you again I may opt to take a different flight for the sake of my own sanity…unless of course it’s in a dark alley…then it may be a far less pleasant alternative.